Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who is everyone's hero?

The unexplained question of the day: Who is everyones hero?  Many would say Jesus Christ.  I would agree with them. Some, however, might say Lady Gaga, or Benjamin Franklin.  If you like baseball, your hero would be Babe Ruth.  If you like sci fi, you would say Star Wars. Even then, not eveybody loves these people.  Normal people would not like lady Gaga, Red Sox fans would BOO as Babe Ruth walked onto the feild, and some people don't get chills when they see Yoda's light-saber fight. Is there even a figure who everybody loves, respects and worships?  If you think about it, the answer is "No."  No, not everybody loves Raymond.  Some people don't love Lucy.  One day, the universe will find out the answer to who everyone's hero is, and the answer isn't 42.

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